Drops at 2/22/22, 4:00 pm

Cordae x Shay The Surrealist: IDENTITY – MAIN SALE

Drops at 2/22/22, 4:00 pm

Cordae x Shay The Surrealist:


Two-time GRAMMY® Award-nominee and hip hop revivalist, Cordae, teams up with 23-year-old acclaimed digital artist, Shaylin Wallace, to bring you Cordae x Shay The Surrealist: IDENTITY. A powerful collaboration of two complex souls; one a lyricist and storyteller who depicts life’s trials and tribulations with unfiltered poetic perspective; and the other, a modern abstract surrealist whose blended images explore the past, present and future with profound spirituality.

“Words are the foundation of human communication. What are we without words? To me, rap music is literature in song form. Right now, there’s a Black Renaissance going on in literature, art, entertainment, and film. I hope to add to that as a young man in this world trying to make a name for himself and leave a legacy with my words.” — Cordae

“The use of surrealism in my work is my way of bringing my imagination to life. My works of art have people questioning whether my artwork is real or not and it gets them thinking, interpreting and using their imagination.” — Shaylin Wallace.

Cordae x Shay The Surrealist: IDENTITY is a powerful collection of bold, colorful, and imaginative generative artworks. Each a layered masterpiece representing Cordae’s iconic style—his hoodies, shirts, jackets, accessories—and interpreted with Shaylin’s unmistakable mark of pop-art fused surrealism. Anyone who loves hip hop, art, and the power of visual and verbal expression… this drop’s for you!

All NFTs come with a chance to win some amazing rewards – eligibility snapshot of accounts will be taken on Monday, February 28 at 2pm PT / 5pm ET.

The Presale sold out in ONE minute! You don’t want to miss the Main Sale. Be sure to sign up here, join us on Discord, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.




Cordae is a two-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated gold-selling Maryland-raised rapper who has quietly become one of Gen Z’s most trusted narrators. After a series of buzzing singles, Cordae reached critical mass with his 2019 full-length debut, The Lost Boy. It bowed in the Top 15 of the Billboard Top 200 and included four gold-certified singles—“RNP” [feat. Anderson .Paak], “Have Mercy,” “Broke As Fuck,” and “Kung Fu.” Beyond unanimous praise from Billboard, Complex, High Snobiety, New York Times, Pitchfork, and Stereogum, Cordae garnered a pair of GRAMMY® Award nominations in the categories of “Best Rap Album” for The Lost Boy and “Best Rap Song” for “Bad Idea” [feat. Chance the Rapper]. He’s the rare artist whose presence can be felt on-screen in a Super Bowl commercial alongside legendary Academy® Award-winning director Martin Scorsese and among XXL’s coveted “Freshman Class.” Along the way, Cordae linked up with Roddy Ricch and Ant Clemons for “Gifted” as well as joining forces with Eminem for “Killer” (Remix).


Shaylin Wallace “Shay The Surrealist” is a 23-year old digital artist from Wilmington, Delaware. She specializes in creating surrealistic compositions by manipulating stock photos using Adobe Photoshop. As an artist, Shaylin strives to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, catching her audience’s attention with her surreal, yet so real masterpieces. Many of her works combine human figures or animals with nature. Shaylin loves to use objects such as trees, clouds, birds and smoke to symbolize growth, freedom, and different emotions in her pieces. Shaylin’s clients and partnerships include Netflix, Adobe, AMC Warner Bros, and more.