DJ and Producer Oliver Heldens Launches NFT Collection Through OneOf

DJ and producer Oliver Heldens launches his first NFT collection via OneOf with designer and fellow Netherlands-native Dennis Osseweijer.

DJ and producer Oliver Heldens launches his first NFT collection via OneOf with designer and fellow Netherlands-native Dennis Osseweijer.

Oli Pods: The Genesis Collection is an “awesomely animated” series of collectibles, available in four tiers of NFTs. The collection features 3D avatars of Heldens as different characters dancing and posing to a soundtrack of his original produced beats. Designed by Dennis Osseweijer (also known as Oxcraft), the characters will likely bear similarities to his existing Dude Pods NFT series, though obviously with an Oliver Heldens-specific twist.

Each tier of Oli Pods comes with additional perks such as VIP concert tickets, backstage passes, meet and greets, exclusive merchandise, private viewing and listening links, and more. Fans can sign up, collect, and learn more about the series at

 On June 9, the first Oli Pod and “Green Tier” NFT, Oli Gecko, will launch. Heldens plans to release a new single with Tchami and Anabel Englund the following day. Heldens will also go live on Twitter Spaces at 2:30 pm ET on June 10 to discuss the collection, the “special utility of music NFTs,” and more. 

June 16 sees the launch of the next three Oli Pods: Oli Koala (Gold Tier), Oli Darko (Platinum Tier), and Oli Hasta La Banana (Diamond Tier). Oli Gecko and Oli Koala draw obvious inspiration from two of Heldens’ biggest hits. Meanwhile, Oli Darko “hints at another new track he has been teasing” throughout his festival appearances in 2022.

On the Oli Pods launch, Heldens says, “As someone who has been learning about the NFT space for quite some time, I am extremely excited to welcome fans into Web3 and the broader Oli-verse, especially with the low-cost and energy-efficient possibilities that OneOf is able to provide.”

The leading blockchain platform for more environmentally sustainable and inclusive non-fungible token projects, OneOf prides itself on using up to two million times less energy to mint an NFT than other networks. Users can purchase NFTs with credit or debit cards in addition to leading cryptocurrencies, while partners can donate portions of their NFT proceeds to charitable causes.

Michael Peha, VP of Artist Acquisitions at OneOf, says, “Oliver Heldens is an innovative artist who puts his heart and soul into every endeavor. We’re proud to partner with Oliver on Oli Pods and show the fans another side of his creativity.”

OneOf has helped many artists launch NFT collections, such as G-Eazy, Cordae, and Doja Cat. The company also has partnerships with eBay, Warner Music Group, iHeartRadio, The Breakfast Club, The Recording Academy, and The Whitney Houston Estate.