Wave Partners with OneOf to Launch NFTs for Upcoming Virtual Concert

The performance will take place at 6PM PT on May 12th on the Wave website, where, using video game motion-capture technology


Entertainment website Wave is partnering with music NFT platform OneOf to expand upon its ‘Wave Makers’ virtual concert concept by integrating NFTs into the mix. The event is dubbed ‘DIMENSIONS VOL. 2,’ with electronic artist and producer Teflon Sega as its headline performer.

The performance will take place at 6PM PT on May 12th on the Wave website, where, using video game motion-capture technology and graphics tools, Teflon will manifest himself as a 3D digital avatar, surrounded by fellow 3D performers and backdrops.

In an upgrade from Teflon’s previous performance on Wave last month, the event will be widely immersive by allowing fans to interact with him via ‘virtual expressions,’ which can then help shape the direction of the performance in real time. Attendees will also be able to engage in a live chat function, as well as attend a special Q&A after the show.
With regards to the digital assets on offer, a series of ‘Commemorative Concert Poster’ NFTs will drop on OneOf as soon as the performance kicks off, with each concert registrant able to mint one for free.

This isn’t the first time in which Teflon Sega fans have supported the Wave platform, which is what the company’s CEO and co-founder Adam Arrigo pointed out when speaking on the event: “This moment is for Teflon Sega fans and Wave supporters who have been with us from the beginning. Their belief in our mission and what we do is what allows us to continue to push the industry forward in creating the future of virtual entertainment and the metaverse”.

With Wave’s Web3 virtual concerts commonly seen as the most productive depictions of metaverse immersion, interaction and live action integration, Arrigo also pointed out that the event’s premise is of the upmost value when trying to forge stronger relationships between fans and artists.